The Good, and the Sad

On the 12th of March, Huisman Equipment hosted a visit to the test set-up, which at the time had just been operational for little over a week. During these first days of loading and movement, the control and sensor systems have been validated and calibrated. This moment was to mark the start of the testing programme. However, during the visit, the government of the Netherlands announced in a press conference, the measures that would be implemented to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Yesterday, additional measures have been announced by the government. At the moment testing is temporarily suspended. Huisman Equipment…

Installation of Damage Characterisation Test Set-up

After an extensive design and fabrication process, the test set-up for Work Package 1 of Phase 2 is nearly ready for use. This week the installation of the set-up in the testing machine is being finalised, next week the set-up will be instrumented with acoustic emission hardware. This also means, that the first samples of operational data will be acquired in the coming weeks.